Hello! Life is really nice right now. I’ve started back at work part-time and I’m enjoying it. The dress code changed so we can wear casual clothes. I’m looking forward to a couple of weekend trips away with my boyfriend. I’m thinking about doing a PhD. I was anxious last week because I had a phone call on Tuesday asking me to go in for my annual flexi sig on Friday and that was like, no time at all to get used to the idea. But I went and they said my internal pouch is healthy. There’s nothing like that kind of relief.

I know this mood won’t last forever so I am trying to enjoy it while it’s here. But I’m happy. I can’t think of anything to be unhappy about. Well, I reactivated Facebook and on the second day of doing so, someone announced their pregnancy, and that made me feel sort of useless, like what’s the point in being a woman if I can’t carry out the function of childbearing. But there is no point in dwelling on that. Just observe the emotion, and let it go. Sometimes that’s not so hard.

I am grateful to not have all sorts of problems I was worried about having after my Whipple surgery. Four months on and I’m pretty much back to normal, except for the horribly scarred belly and the odd painful twinge. I feel very lucky. Though of course, if someone who has never been seriously ill told me that I was lucky, I’d throw it right back at them. But anyway, the body is very resilient and there is a lot to be thankful for.