Podcasts, radio and other media and event appearances:

Inspiring Research Podcast (2021) “#5 – Sam Rose – Helping cancer survivors through creative writing”

The Wellness Project With Des (2021) “How Creative Writing Can Help Heal Cancer Survivors”

Radical Care Podcast (2021) “Self Care for Cancer Survivors with Three Time Cancer Survivor Sam Rose”

The Hope-Makers Podcast (2021) “Episode 7: Cancer survivorship in the shadow of Lynch Syndrome, with Sam Rose”

WhyMe with Vera-Lee Podcast (2021) “Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes – Sam Rose – PhD research on cancer survivors from a personal perspective‬”

The Emma Press Anthology of Illness Book Launch (2020)

BBC Radio 1 (2020) As part of BBC Upload Festival – episode no longer on iPlayer but available at link.

My media channels:

Speaking Cat Podcast (part of Peeking Cat Literary)

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