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Magazines/anthologies/e-zines/blogs I’ve been published in:

Bluepepper (2020) – Poem “Dials”

Ethel Zine (2020) – Poem “Iceland”

Nine Muses Poetry (2020) – Poem “Little Changes”

Clementine Unbound (2020) – Poem “Blushing”

Barely South Review (2020) – Ars Poetica: A Girl Called Poetry

Academy of the Heart and Mind (2020) – Two poems, “I am December” and “Letters”

Night Music Journal (2019) – Two poems, one non-fiction prose piece “The Living Room”

Royal Rose (2019) – Poem “seven edits” after Panini by Lil Nas X

Ink Pantry (2019) – Three poems

Vamp Cat Magazine (2019) – Two poems

Bonnie’s Crew (2019) – Creative non-fiction “Lucky”

Picaroon Poetry (2019) – Poem “Welcome”

Cirrus Poetry Review (2019) – Poem “In Case Of”

Bonnie’s Crew (2019) – Poem “Grammar Error”, creative non-fiction “The News”

Writing In A Woman’s Voice (2019) – Poem “A poem for my loss”

Writing In A Woman’s Voice (2019) – Poem “Baby”

Thimble Literary Magazine (2019) – Poem “Twitch”

EgoPHobia (2019) – Five poems

Potato Soup Journal (2019) – Creative non-fiction “Daydreams of Doing”

Amaryllis Poetry (2019) – Poem “Seventy-nine”

Brave Voices Magazine (2019) – Creative non-fiction “I’ll Take the One in Black”

The Bitchin’ Kitsch (2019) – Two poems

Rat’s Ass Review (2018) – Two poems

Soul Lit (2018) – Two poems

Visual Verse (2018) – Poem “Paper Houses”

Visual Verse (2018) – Poem “First, Decide”

IO Literary Journal (2018) – Poem “The Merging”

Vita Brevis (2018) – Poem “Dew” (Editor’s Choice Award)

Vita Brevis (2018) – Poem “to be close”

horny poetry review (2018) – Poem “Given the Chance”

Neologism Poetry Journal (2018) – Poem “Forearm”

Elephants Never (2018) Poem “Neglect”

Cabildo Quarterly (2018) – Two poems

Soft Cartel (2018) – Three poems

Little Rose Magazine (2018) – Poem “I am recounting”

Amethyst Magazine (2018) – Poem “Cocoon”

Terror House Magazine (2018) – Three poems

Amethyst Magazine (2018) – Poem “Memories of a Catholic Childhood”

The Pangolin Review (Issue 3.5, 8th July, 2018) (2018) – Poem “Bleachers at Clearwater”

Eunoia Review (2018) – Poem “Post-diagnosis”

In Between Hangovers (2018) – Two poems

Bindweed Magazine (2017) – Three poems

Dandelion In A Vase Of Roses: A Poetry Anthology Of Diverse Poets and Countries (2017) – Four poems

Degenerate Literature (2017) – Short autobiographical fiction ‘Wishes For Trauma’

Scarlet Leaf Review (2016) – Short fiction ‘Mirrors’

You & Me (2016) – Short memoir piece ‘The Tissue Room’

The Bamboo Hut (2016) – Two tankas

Poetry Pacific (2016) – Four poems

Little River (2015) – One Poem ‘Tell Me’

The Barefoot Review – A short memoir piece ‘2010’

Haiku Journal – One haiku

The Young Writers Literary Journal – One poem

Young Writers Literary Journal  2010 – One poem

Forward Press Poets 2009 – The Midlands – One poem

Obsessed With Pipework (2006) – One poem ‘One’

The World Is Your… (2006) – One poem ‘First Years’

The Resurrected Soul (2005) – One poem

Requiem of Love (2005) – One poem


Guest Writing:

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“Happy New Year, or Happy New Fear?” at Elephants and Tea

“The Light at the End of the Cancer Tunnel” at Cancer Care Parcel

“Writing About Mental Health and Cancer Survivorship” at Lucy Turns Pages

“Fulfilling A Passion For Travel After Cancer” at Dancing With Fireflies

“Does Illness Form Part of your Identity?” at A Chronic Voice

The Dragonfly Angel Society Newsletter April 2017 – Survivor Story

“How to Build Your Confidence After a Life-Altering Event” at

“3 Things Introverts With Cancer Want You To Know” at

My open letter on Quiet Revolution

“How To Tell Your Friends You Still Need Them (Even After Cancer)” at

“What Would My Life Be Like Without Cancer?” at

“My 10 Truths About Lynch Syndrome” at

“Great Expectations After Cancer” at


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