the cmmrd book: a mismatch memoir and guide

Memoir and guide, released September 2023


“CMMRD may be rare, but everyone I know has met someone who has it.”

While on average people with CMMRD get their first cancer diagnosis at just 7.5 years old, Sam Alexandra Rose is beating the odds in her mid-thirties. But it comes at a price, with three cancer experiences and a whole lot of fear and trauma to sort through.

Part memoir, part guide and with a little poetry thrown in, this book illustrates what it’s like to live with a rare genetic condition and significantly increased cancer risk.

This is a book of denial, hope and eventual acceptance, ideal for families wanting to know more about a CMMRD diagnosis and for healthcare professionals looking to better understand the patient experience.

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Collected Quirks: 2005 – 2020

Poetry collection (collected works), released June 2021

The collected published works of poet and writer Sam Rose from 2005 to 2020.Collected Quirks by Sam Rose

The collection begins with her first published poem, printed in an anthology of love poems at the age of 17, and rounds off with more recent musings about the joys of cheese.

Between lighter reads, Sam Rose navigates early adulthood through the lens of cancer survivorship, with much of the poetry and prose featured tackling themes around illness and trauma, as well as nature.

An offering of hope and compassion for cancer survivors, caregivers and medical professionals alike.

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Gut Feelings: Coping With Cancer and Living With Lynch Syndrome

Memoir, released January 2021

Gut Feelings Lynch Syndrome Memoir Sam Rose

Gut Feelings spans ten years from my first diagnosis to the life-changing surgeries for my second and third. Racking up a collection of medical experiences – and losing countless organs along the way – I have stories for anyone facing the uncertainty of cancer or Lynch syndrome, to help patients and survivors feel less alone.

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Poetry chapbook, released May 2015

The theme is empowerment and empathy, with poems about my experience as a cancer survivor with Lynch syndrome. This chapbook aims to both resonate with and uplift readers.

Lynch syndrome is a genetic condition that makes people more likely to develop certain types of cancer in their lifetime.

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