I have three poems in Bindweed Magazine! The poems are on the website right now and they will be in the print version of the magazine in October. You can read them here!

Two of these poems are about my brother and the middle one is about me and my parents trying to distract ourselves from my illness back in the day. So they are really important to me and I’m quite proud of them, so I’m very happy to have them published!

It is a bit weird knowing that I’ve basically shown a load of people the inside of my brain, especially when these are poems I would never show to my immediate family. I sometimes wonder if I share too much online, but I do enjoy it, and if people enjoy reading it and are interested, that’s great. It does make me feel vulnerable I guess, but maybe that’s just a part of getting your art out there. And I wouldn’t be being true to myself if my art didn’t involve these heavy topics. So, thank you for reading if you did, and for liking, commenting, reblogging, tweeting, etc. I appreciate it a lot!