Crying while listening to “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” is an act of defiance.

Though it does feel a bit strange sobbing as the radio is telling you to “turn up the festive feelgood”. Maybe because the real act of defiance is putting the Christmas radio station on as soon as it starts in late September.

But I want to and I won’t apologise for listening to Christmas music too early. Christmas does come earlier each year but I’m going to embrace it. Because Christmas brings me so much joy and I want to squeeze as much joy and Christmas out of the year as I can, to keep it going for as long as possible. Life is just too difficult not to get as much joy out of it as you can manage.

Why is life difficult? Because while I’m thinking about the approach to Christmas I inevitably end up wondering if I will have medical appointments between now and then. If the possibility of having cancer a fourth time might crop up between now and then. If any of my Christmas plans might be scuppered by appointments or fears or procedures.

So I’ll listen to Michael Buble in September and start my Christmas shopping before Halloween and watch Christmas movies in October and I won’t apologise for it. Life literally is too fucking short for that.