Oh, hello there!

I thought I should blog as I haven’t in a while, and things have been happening. The annoying thing is, things are still happening and things will still be happening for the foreseeable future. Though I am not thinking too far ahead, so there isn’t much of the future that is foreseeable right now.

I am going to try to give a very brief run-down of events. So, I was having recurring abscesses last year so in July they sent me for an MRI. Then my abscesses stopped happening which was good because they seemed to lose my MRI results until I finally nagged them to death in October/November, at which point my abscesses started coming back. I was back and forth at the doctors, on and off antibiotics, and went to A&E at one point under the advisement of one of the consultants – but the doctor at the urgent care clinic there said I would have to go for surgery and she couldn’t do anything, and gave me more antibiotics, which had pretty rubbish side effects. That was in January. I got referred to another consultant who said he would send me for another MRI, and reiterated that I should go to A&E next time I have a bad abscess to get it removed. I had that MRI in March and I technically haven’t had the results back properly yet.

Turns out the first MRI showed “filling defects” in my uterus. So in January I was sent to a gynaecological consultant, who at first said everything is probably fine, and then when he realised I had Lynch syndrome changed his mind and said I should go for a hysteroscopy, which is what I had done this week. I had some polyps removed and a biopsy taken so I have to wait for the results of those to come back. The lining of my womb might be growing a bit too enthusiastically so I might have to go on estrogen tablets or something. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

While I was with the doctor for the hysteroscopy she said the second MRI results were on her screen and that they didn’t find a fistula, which is what they were looking for to explain the abscess. I have an appointment in June to go talk to my consultant about the MRI results. It sounds like it was just an abscess, and I haven’t had it since the beginning of March so I’m hoping it stays away for as long as possible.

While all this has been going on, I have been waiting for my usual annual gastroscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy, which I usually have in January/February in one day. I chased it up and I finally have two appointments in just under two weeks’ time – one for the gastro on one day, and one for the flexi sig three days later. Apparently there is no one consultant that can do both, which is bizarre, because it hasn’t been a problem for the last four years. So then I’ll be waiting for results from those two. And the week after that, I am finally going on holiday.

So, the saga continues, from like, last October to June this year, at least. Nine months of this nonsense, at least. And I am tired. Physically tired this week from having a hysteroscopy and from my pouch generally being angry and stressed about everything, I think. Emotionally tired because this week has just been wearing. And tired as in just sick of it all.

But despite that, I am sort of in high spirits. It’s Friday, I have most of the weekend to relax, and I will soon be in sunny Florida even if I still have a couple of things to get through first. And I have my small, very selective support network to talk to about this stuff. Which is like, four people right now. And I have the internet to ramble on to when I need to get things straight in my head. That’s you, dear reader. And that is probably enough from me for right now.

Nothing lasts forever. Life doesn’t always hurt. It’s all going to be okay.

This weekend, I am this lamb.