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High, High Hopes

I had my gastroscopy on Friday and it was the best endoscopy experience I’ve had so far – not least because the only thing I remember (thank you, sedation) is my doctor straight after the procedure saying “nothing serious”. As a result, I’ve had an extremely relaxed weekend.

They did get rid of some polyps but they think they are cystic glands or something like that – which is perhaps what was on my CT scan, too. So I have my fingers crossed that the biopsy for those and my PET-CT results are all good, and then maybe I’ll get a few peaceful months and I’ll be able to have a much better winter than last year, and actually get to do Christmas properly and enjoy the enire run-up to the day, as well as my birthday. I have high hopes.

Just to add, one of the reasons why my gastroscopy was such a good experience was because it was done in a small hospital in the community rather than at a big general hospital. I was the only person in the waiting room until one other woman came in for her appointment, and I saw only one other patient in the recovery room afterwards. The staff were wonderful (but then they are everywhere I’ve been) and it was just such a more personal, relaxed place to be. Usually several patients are told to come and wait at the same time, at the big hospital, and then we all have to wait for ages for the procedure to actually happen. Plus, this hospital was buil in 2012 so everything was new and lovely. It also helped that they gave me over twice as much sedation as they would normally give someone, because my exam took a bit longer. Which probably means my poor boyfriend had to put up with me being slightly madder than usual for most of the day!

Anyway, I’m really hoping that everything is going to work out okay for now and that I’m not giving myself false hope. But whether things are going to be fine or not, it’ll suck to find that out either way, so I might as well be positive and hopeful in the meantime. I do keep imagining getting the results from the PET and the histology from the polyps and everything being okay, and I really hope that’s what happens. Especially because it’s been nearly a year since my hysterectomy and it feels really good to have that sense of distance.

High Hopes by Panic At The Disco is my current jam, but one day I hope it’sĀ CongratulationsĀ by Post Malone. <3

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  1. Emma

    High high hopes for you too, you more than deserve a fabulous run up to Christmas this year xx

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