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New Year 2019

I would like to write something positive about what a great year 2018 has been and how I have so many resolutions for 2019. But I had cancer twice last year so obviously it was horrendous, not great, and I’d quite like to see exactly how that is going to fuck me up psychologically before I commit to performing great acts in 2019. Plus, there’s the chemo thing to wait and see for.

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I hope the roads are straight from here,
I hope the next year brings no fear.
I hope injustice will be wiped out,
so we’ll have nothing to be outraged about.
I hope for no blemishes on our landscape,
no more capsizing and everything shipshape.
I hope everything’s going to be right as rain,
and there’ll be only sunshine – no more pain. 

I hope things go better than we could perceive –
but sometimes hope is just make-believe.

Happy new year. I’m a very happy and optimistic person, really… promise! Poetry just digs out the darker parts. I like to think of this simply as a realistic start to 2015.

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