I am currently halfway through a trip to Stockholm so I thought instead of just posting bits and bobs on Twitter, I would write some posts for my blog, and what better time to start than when I’m drunk in a hotel room eating chocolate?

We arrived in the evening on Friday 30th June, and I will preface everything by saying that we are not necessarily having an authentic Swedish experience. For example, on the first night we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Don’t hate! For one thing, we weren’t very hungry so we shared a large pizza, and for another, Pizza Hut is different in Stockholm. They have criss-cross chips as a starter, and the pizza has more cheese on than we get in England. So, still sort of different and authentic, right? Stockholm is super expensive anyway, so we are more concerned with reasonable prices than with authenticity.

We are staying at Nordic Light Hotel, which is close to the train station and in the middle of the city, so super convenient. Breakfast is included, so we have been filling up in the morning and having fika in the afternoon and then dinner later on. Fika is basically meeting up for coffee and a cake in the afternoon, loosely speaking. It’s a sort of social snacking ritual.

Here is a quick run-down of that we have done each day, and in future blog posts I will go into more detail when I am less drunk!

Saturday 1st July: Old Town and general exploring
Sunday 2nd July: Fjaderholmarna
Monday 3rd July: Djurgarden
Tuesday 4th July: IKEA and Ice Bar
Wednesday 5th July: Vaxholm
Thursday 6th July: