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I Won Second Place in a Writing Contest!

This happened a little while ago but my prose piece has just been published, so I can now reveal that I won second place in a writing competition! The contest was Flatten The Curve from STEMag, an interdisciplinary arts and humanities publication.

The piece I entered was a “found prose” piece, “Decommissioning of the Womb”. I assembled this piece by putting together found writing on the decommissioning of nuclear reactors and oil platforms, and reframing them into prose about having a hysterectomy. You can read it here. Many thanks to the editors for choosing me – I’ve never won a prize for my writing before!

Living With Lynch Syndrome: My Life Isn’t Normal, So Why Pretend It Is?

Talking about my CMMRD (constitutional mismatch repair deficiency – a rare type of Lynch syndrome that greatly increases cancer risk) on the Wisdom app yesterday made me feel like I was finding out about it all over again. Actually, no – it feels like I am finding out about it for the first time because that part of having Lynch Syndrome is something I have never properly addressed and have always tried to ignore.

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Notes On A Name Change

I have something exciting to announce – I’m changing my name! Okay, so it’s not a massive change, and I’m not making it official yet, but it’s very cool and I’m excited about it.

I’m going from Samantha Rose to Sam Alexandra Rose, because:


  • I don’t like Samantha and nobody calls me that anymore anyway, so I might as well drop it to Sam officially
  • I’m not a huge fan of Sam Rose as a full name either (perhaps because sometimes people use it as if it’s a double-barrel first name but they’re actually calling me by my full name which feels unfamiliar and unfriendly)
  • My full name is only really used at medical appointments (and previously at school), so it doesn’t have great connotations for me
  • Alexander was my brother’s name
  • Alexandra is super pretty and makes me feel pretty, too (and maybe weirdly more like an actual adult, because the above connotations from school and hospitals are kind of infantalising?)


I get a real kick of seeing my new name in various places where I’ve changed it already, as opposed to looking at my old full name, which feels quite negative. I will change it by deed poll at some point (probably when I have another reason to change my name), but for now it’s enough to be changing it gradually and unofficially. If there’s something you don’t like but you can change it, why not do it? Especially if it makes you feel good about yourself. Our names are our identities and they are important, and this feels more “me”.

I actually used the name Alex as a middle name as a kid when I was making books and fake newspapers out of coloured paper and felt tips, so this isn’t an entirely new idea!

I’m planning on exploring names and identity in my PhD work soon, and how that all links in with cancer and identity – particularly who I am outside of being a cancer survivor – so this is all part of something exciting.


Sam Alexandra Rose, signing off!

Health Professionals, Please: No False Hope, But No False Panic Either

After waiting two months (and chasing twice) for my CT scan results, I finally got a phone call this week. Historically, I’ve bought into the idea that “no news is good news” because surely if it takes that long to get the news, it’s not urgent and ther’s no problem. And perhaps that’s true – it’s borne from the desire to make some sense of the medical world, to pre-empt news before it comes, to figure it out so that the wait for confirmation is less excrutiating. However, on this occasion, I have been made to question the theory that no news is indeed good news.

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