I had a bit of a clearout of my wardrobe today. I say a bit, because I never manage to throw very much away. But I have thrown out my favourite dress, which doesn’t quite fit right/look so good on anymore and probably never will again.

I think it’s nice to have photos of something you don’t want to part with so that when you do get rid of it, you still have something to look at. So here is a photo of me in the dress, on a night out with friends (friends cropped out of the picture for their privacy). I was 22 in this picture, and it was 2010. We were celebrating my friend’s graduation, but it was also a bit of a last hurrah as it was 11 days before I had the big colon eviction. We went to a bar and had cocktails and nibbles and a booth to ourselves (eight or nine of us) and champagne with a strawberry stuck to the rim of the glass (not sure why that bit sticks in my mind so much). And when this candid pic was taken, obviously something was very, very funny. Despite the impending doom that loomed ahead for me (or the doom I was about to be saved from, depending how you look at it), it was a really, really good night. This is one of my favourite photos of myself because I look so happy (even if I don’t look very attractive in it).

I guess my point is, it’s easier to throw stuff out if you have photos of it that you can keep.