I have been digging
so hard
dirt is all over my face
and my eyes are damp
from the strain of it all

but no-one else can see.

I have been digging it all up
heaving it out of the ground
and throwing it in piles
all over my garden.
The soil is soft and it’s easy.
I make it look easy,
should anyone be watching.

They’re not. I do it in the
dead of night. I’m good at hiding
it and not even on purpose.
It just comes naturally to me.
Dig it up. Turn over the soil.
Put it back. Plant marigolds
on top of it. Making a scene
ain’t my scene. Dig it up.
Rake over it. Water it with
whisky. Put it back to bed but
check on it in the night like
a parent checking in on their
children as they sleep. It only
pretends to be asleep.