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Publication Notice – Soft Cartel

I have three poems in Soft Cartel today – “hurricane”, “Edges”, and “The Boy in the Window”! You can read them here: https://softcartel.com/2018/08/03/three-poems-by-sam-rose/

Publication Announcement – Little Rose Magazine

My poem “I am recounting” has been published in Little Rose Magazine today! Read it at the link below, and to give you a feel for it, I did a quick sketch of what was in my head when I wrote it:


Publication Notice – Amethyst Magazine

My second poem over at Amethyst Magazine is out now. What a busy month! Read it here:


I also did a little drawing to go with this one, after not drawing anything for a very long time:

Publication Announcement – Terror House Magazine

I have two poems published in Terror House Magazine this month: “Twelve Months”, “Control” and “Exchange”. Read them here!

Publication Announcement – The Pangolin Review

I have a new poem out in the latest issue of The Pangolin Review, “Bleachers At Clearwater”. It’s something of a departure from my usual subject matter, and it was written on the coach on the way back from Clearwater, Florida, to Lake Buena Vista. It’s definitely more light-hearted than my usual writing, but I think we all need that every now and then. Enjoy!

“Bleachers At Clearwater” in The Pangolin Review

Publication Announcement – Eunoia Review

My latest poem has been published by Eunoia Review! It’s called Post-diagnosis and I’m very proud of it. You can read it here – enjoy!

New Guest Blog Post at Lucy Turns Pages

I have written a guest blog post for Lucy Turns Pages! It’s all about how writing has helped with my mental health in relation to cancer survivorship. Please take a look and let me know if it strikes a chord! You can find it here: “Writing About Mental Health and Cancer Survivorship”.

Publication Announcement – In Between Hangovers

I’m excited to have three poems accepted for online zine In Between Hangovers. One is already up on the website, and two others are forthcoming! This poem, “Superheroes”, is one I wrote for another publication but it got rejected. I was going to put it on my website but decided that I really liked it and maybe someone else would like it enough to publish it, too. I’m glad I put it back out into the wild! Here it is – Superheroes at In Between Hangovers.

New Poems In Bindweed Magazine!

I have three poems in Bindweed Magazine! The poems are on the website right now and they will be in the print version of the magazine in October. You can read them here!

Two of these poems are about my brother and the middle one is about me and my parents trying to distract ourselves from my illness back in the day. So they are really important to me and I’m quite proud of them, so I’m very happy to have them published!

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New Guest Post On A Chronic Voice

This week I was honoured to be able to guest blog over at A Chronic Voice! My post talks about the different identities that may be associated with us after a cancer diagnosis, and whether illness forms part of our identity. You can check it out here: Does Illness Form Part of Your Identity? As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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