Trying to fight those meh Sunday vibes by remembering that I am empowered to make the choice to go to work in the morning, and by making that choice I will own it and be the best version of me that I can be, whether or not it is appreciated by other people.

I am getting out of bed, making an effort to look sort of decent, and doing all the work I need to do, as best as I can.

I can handle whatever the day throws at me.

I can do things to make my day a little better. Things that will make my day better include hand cream and lip balm so my hands and lips are super-soft. I have chosen a nice lunch for myself, and if I keep busy and focused, the day will go quickly.

I will be leaving the office on time because I arrive early and am entitled to do so.

I own my day.

I can choose how I spend my day, and I choose to spend it working to earn money, so that my partner and I can afford everything we need and a little more besides.

The best thing I can do tomorrow is be myself and remember that I am empowered, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.