Writer, researcher, music lover, cancer survivor with CMMRD ("double" Lynch syndrome)

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A year in the life of a cancer patient, illustrated through appointment letters. Just one or two.

Note to self, and other selves who try to put their own feelings on shelves hidden behind a curtain, where they’re certain it won’t occur to other people to look.

When a prologue is both a pep talk and a dedication letter to the dead

I spend the first morning eavesdropping on the birds, carefully noting each inflection, every declaration. They trust me to handle this information with complete accuracy:

too, too
too… too too
whi whi whi whi whi whi
too too too too too

The meaning of this compilation of sounds is top secret.

A lone duck goes about its important business in shallowing waters. It appears there has been a drought here, but it is the place that makes me feel the most full, in many ways. Welcome home. There are only good things here.

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