For World Cancer Day today, I pitch to you that we need more knowledge, not more awareness. Sure, a picture of a candle shared on Facebook raises awareness, but I think by now we’re all aware that cancer exists, many of us painfully so. Awareness has been covered. We need knowledge – knowledge for a cure, knowledge for research, knowledge of how to support each other when it happens, knowledge of the symptoms to look out for, of how to help ourselves, of monitoring our own bodies, and looking after our mental health during and after the event.

So instead of posting a picture of a candle on social media, how about we all post something that’s actually useful? Like a list of symptoms, or sources where people can get help and advice if they need it – or even donate to a charity. Awareness has been done already, and I feel like the whole thing is a bit like telling children there are cars in the road without telling them about the green cross code. Now is the time for knowledge, because knowledge can bring action. Post something helpful today.