What am I doing with that look on my face?
That pained expression that’s so hard to erase.
What am I doing with this armful of feelings?
Trying to put them down and decipher the meanings.
What am I doing with this life all a-jumble?
Watching it rumbling past with a grumble.

I don’t want to progress, I just want to move backwards –
There’s no meaning in PPC and AdWords.
My soul is attached to a man with a guitar
who pours out his feelings, leaves my mouth ajar
because he’s plucked my thoughts right out of my brain
and now I don’t think, just hear his soaring refrain.

Most of the time we have is spoken for
I want to recycle old hours, relive them once more
and contemplate the minutes that make up my days,
rewind to my younger, more naïve ways,
go back to being like a carefree pup
and be granted permission to stop growing up.

But that just can’t happen, so what do I do?
Make the most of my free time when I’m with you,
daydream about leaving the old nine-to-five
and just make the most of being here and alive.