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scar stories

my best friend is the one who
not only let me talk about my scars
and listened, but was
bold enough to ask to see them,
sweet enough to tell me they were badass,
and trusting enough to show me his own.

I realised this week that I have sort of come to be quite fond of my stoma site. Yeah, you can see where the staples used to be and the skin stretched, and the scar is a bit raised and lighter than the skin around it, and I can’t really feel when I touch it. But it sort of goes in a bit, like a dimple, and I think it’s sorta cute? If I could change something about my belly I would lose a bit of weight from it and tone it up a bit. I have come to love my scars and I wouldn’t want to get rid of them or change them. <3


How many layers of clothing does it take
to hide these scars?

I’m not just dealing with my feelings about it
I’m dealing with how I feel about those feelings
and how I feel about feeling that way about my feelings

Feelings on top of feelings on top of feelings
until everything’s lost all meaning.

How much time should it take to shake this?
I don’t know. I don’t know.

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