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Publication Notice – Vita Brevis and IO Literary Journal

Two of my poems found new homes today!

Read “Dew” at Vita Brevis: https://vitabrevisliterature.com/2018/10/15/dew-a-poem-by-sam-rose/

And “The Merging” at IO Literary Journal: https://www.ioliteraryjournal.com/refraction_sam_rose.html

You may have seen “Dew” before on my blog, but “The Merging is new and shiny. Both of them are a departure from my usual style – “Dew” because of the tone, while I had a lot of fun playing with space and formatting with “The Merging”. Enjoy!

Publication Notice

I just found out that one of my short stories is being published in an online magazine in October!

This is awesome because I’m pretty proud of the story and have submitted it to a few places but it got rejected. Also it’s the first short story I’ve had published – usually I’m submitting poetry or the occasional memoir piece. So I’m really pleased!

The story is called ‘Mirrors’ and it’s going to be published in Scarlet Leaf Review. I’ve been feeling a bit run down today as well so this is a lovely bit of news to brighten up my day!

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