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Are Labels Helpful?

This week I am thinking about the labels we put on ourselves, the labels other people put on us, and the labels we want. Partly because today is PTSD Awareness Day, and partly because a colleague is celebrating a different diagnosis that has given him relief and closure.

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Straightening out 10 assumptions* people make about me because I’m quiet, none of which are true

I’m not shy

I don’t have low confidence

I don’t prefer quiet environments

I am usually quite happy and cheerful

I don’t dislike you (probably)

I’m not bored (probably)

I’m not mysterious or thinking deep thoughts

I don’t need you to speak up for me or talk to other people for me

I don’t need you to help me to be louder or to invite me to talk

Calling me quiet like it’s a bad thing (or doing any of thesedoes make me want to hit you

*emphasis on the ASS

Add your own to this list in the comments!

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