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The Power and Purpose of Blogging, and Why You Should Write

This is a guest blog post by Sheryl Chan from A Chronic Voice. Read on to find out why you should write your way through chronic illness, and discover more about Sheryl below!

Why Write?

Blogging about chronic illnesses can be hard work. For some, the exposure of their privacy or the intimacy of the topics can be a
deterrent. Others struggle with expressing their thoughts, or posting content on a regular basis. Vicious, unconstructive trolls who don’t even bother reading are an energy drain. Usually, it is a combination of all of these factors. So why do we even bother?

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Guest Blog Post At IHC.com

I had another guest blog posted, this time over at IHadCancer.com, musing about the positive and negative effects cancer has had on my life (yes, there are one or two positives!).

Check it out here:


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people keep saying
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I’m slowly starting
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