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Tag: autumn


cunning copper creeping,
auburn shadows stalking leaves
like urban predators –
grasping and smothering
them with tentacles, tangling
emerald with marigold,
pine and pear with honey,
mustard with pumpkin,
meshing garnet with caramel
and dusky cinnamon
with avocado.
raw, rustic rainbow.
leaves flush from green to gold,
faces glistening as they are pulled
from summer’s artichoke-hold.

Orange October

I hold a deep love for October:
the beginning, the constant.
the cosy warmth swaddling us
against the fast-approaching winter.
October is orange in the trees, orange
falling to the ground, orange
lighting up the sky.
Carving out contentment in pumpkins
for the very first time. Singing and
dancing and carefree, slippers and
dressing gowns, excitement entangled
in comfort and certitude.

© 2024 Sam Alexandra Rose

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