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Publication Notice: Bonnie’s Crew

I have two pieces out in the April issue of Bonnie’s crew! The first (page 30) is a creative non-fiction piece called The News, which I have been trying to place for possibly a couple of years now. It’s about trying to fit the anxiety of going for scans in with everyday life, and how easily that anxiety can be triggered.

The poem is called Grammar Error (page 37) and it’s a real short one, written after my hsyterectomy.

You can read them both here:


Hope you like them!

Publication Notice – “Twitch”

My poem Twitch is out today in Thimble Literary Magazine! I wrote it a little after my hysterectomy in October. You can read it here, along with some other great poems (I particularly like “Cancer Lyric V”): 


School Photo

Round glasses, pink with colourful splotches. Mustard tie, grey cardigan buttoned up and restricting. Green and pink satchel with yellow clasps that click closed in that satisfying way. First day of school picture on the patio in the garden. Faded hopscotch. Curls tied up in a ponytail. Pleated skirt. Shiny black shoes. Fluttering stomach. Feeling of dread. Long walk to school.

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Publication Notice

My new short non-fiction (ish) piece, Daydreams of Doing, has been published in Potato Soup Journal! One day a few weeks ago, I wanted to try writing some new fiction and epically failed. This is what came out instead.

Publication Notice

I’ve had a poem published in Amaryllis Poetry today! It’s called Seventy-nine and you can read it here.

The Sun

Publication Notice – Vita Brevis and IO Literary Journal

Two of my poems found new homes today!

Read “Dew” at Vita Brevis: https://vitabrevisliterature.com/2018/10/15/dew-a-poem-by-sam-rose/

And “The Merging” at IO Literary Journal: https://www.ioliteraryjournal.com/refraction_sam_rose.html

You may have seen “Dew” before on my blog, but “The Merging is new and shiny. Both of them are a departure from my usual style – “Dew” because of the tone, while I had a lot of fun playing with space and formatting with “The Merging”. Enjoy!

Publication Announcement

I’m very pleased to have my new poem “Forearm” in Neologism Poetry Journal, and it’s this month’s featured work! You can read it here:


Socks #2

Publication Announcement – Cabildo Quarterly

I have two poems out at Cabildo Quarterly today! “can you come to bed?” about not wanting to be alone while going through a difficult time, and “The Difficulties of Existing Gracefully”, which is the result of a little doodle and a free write I did.

Read them both here.

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