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The Creative Truth is Closing


It is with sadness that we are announcing the closure of The Creative Truth literary magazine. Due to a lack of submissions (and also a lack of relevant submissions that were in fact nonfiction prose), we are now closed for submissions permanently.

The magazines will still be available to buy on Lulu.com. Our parent magazine, Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, is still open and going strong, so head there if you enjoy reading or writing poetry and short fiction.

Thank you for your support during the three years or so that we have been running. We wish all of our contributors continued success, and our readers continued enjoyment of all the wonderful prose the literary world has to offer.

Peeking Cat Anthology 2018 Out Now!


It’s release day for this year’s anthology! I’m happy to present to you the Peeking Cat Anthology 2018 – over 100 pages of poetry, prose and photography from 58 artists.

Pick up the paperback copy: https://goo.gl/mth9M9 

Or download the ebook: https://goo.gl/JRFkna

Thank you very much to all of our contributors, readers and patient supporters. It has been a slow year for Peeking Cat while the magazine has been on hiatus, but I’m very happy that we have managed to get the anthology out – and in good time to make a great Christmas gift for any literary lovers in your life!

The anthology will also be available on Amazon within the next few weeks. However you decide to read it, please leave us a review wherever you can, and tell your friends! We look forward to accepting submissions for the next anthology, and hopefully the magazine, too, in the new year.

Happy reading!

The Creative Truth: Issue One Out Now!


Issue one of The Creative Truth is out now! You can download a free PDF version, or support the journal by buying an even cooler print version! The print version is only £3.99 and you can get 25% off by using code AUG2016 at the checkout until 24th August! Thank you so much for your support – I’m really happy with how the first issue has turned out, and honoured that so many writers chose to share their stories with us.

Print copy

Free download

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